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Water purification equipment filter plays a key role to long for the expert to remind

Issuing time:2021-06-08 15:12

The widespread use of the water purifier, let more and more people begin to pay close attention to its safety, in recent days, the media reported that attracted the attention of numerous consumer. "Filter Is it right? More complex filtering effect is better?" "filter more more pure?" in the reader participation enthusiasm and questioning, yesterday, the reporter again visited the market.
Dalian happiness Home Furnishing big world stores two floor, water purifier sales of the brand has a few kinds, not only divided into domestic, imported equipment, the price from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Not only has drinking water water purification equipment, and the water purification equipment, and even some buy water purifier of the citizens and even take a shower water requirements after filtering.
The reporter saw, a public house under renovation, he do a whole kitchen began to choose water purification equipment, he felt the kitchen no water purification equipment like the lack of a large. "I asked several friends, everybody does not know how to choose water purification equipment, however, everybody thinks, net water core containing the complete set of equipment in more more." However, he found in the purchase of water purification equipment, some equipment net water core barrel is 6, than the price of only two water core is also cheaper by half.
Dalian Polytechnic University materials science expert Professor Cui Yongzhu introduction, the more the better water purifier filter element and not the first filtering effect, not necessarily is determined by the number of filter, it is important to filter the material itself. In addition, water purifier filter will absorb a large amount of organic matter, it is easy to become a hotbed of bacteria that cause water purifier purify effect becomes worse, the filter element is routine consumables, need to be replaced periodically, element more, replacing the more complex, the cost is also higher. A little ignored by consumers is that excessive drinking water filtration, filtration times too fine, may also bring minerals beneficial to human body composition in the water is filtered out, but not good for health.
Experts remind
Mention of filter material, the expert also reminds, some families use the water purifier filter element from the 3 to 5 years not to change, it is easy to cause two pollution, is very harmful to the human body. In addition, whether there is water purification equipment in the activated carbon filter material should also be considered, because the active carbon is one of the best filtering material nature, water purifier, precision high, also use activated carbon materials need to be filtered together.

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